Amp Hardcore Gym is a cutting-edge fitness facility in St. Augustine, FL offering clients a full array of training experiences: boxing, mixed martial arts, Olympic lifting, elite athlete training, personal training and group boot camps.  With over 4000 square feet of weight lifting and cardio equipment, heavy bags and a boxing ring, owner Neil Chandler has created a business model that turns away from a comfortable “one size fits all” gym experience with AC and “muzak”.  Instead, he uses the heat and humidity natural to Florida as a key part of the conditioning program, claiming that training should be transferrable to a member’s everyday lifestyle.  Located in a warehouse, the environmental conditions become part of the physical challenge, which means this gym is looking for clients who actually seek out the toughest conditions as part of their experience.  This is a boutique gym with a very specific target audience.


Though all fitness levels are welcome and can be seen training on a daily basis, the key attributes of most members are setting high goals, an openness to change, and pushing limits.  However, one challenge Amp faces is the intimidation factor for attracting new members.  Recognizing this, Chandler and his team of trainers are well known for creating a family-like environment where all are welcome, and friendliness and professionalism are top-notch.


After understanding more about his business goals and his own character as the owner, Christie brainstormed with Mr. Chandler to create artwork to convey these intentions and inspire members.  She understood the importance of using a style that expressed power and raw energy.  Given Neil’s extensive background in martial arts and boxing, and the fact that the majority of the client base was already fit and younger (25-45), the artwork was designed to appeal to that group.  Christie painted large murals of mythological Asian figures, like the tiger and dragon.  Quick sketches of fighters in motion give the walls movement and energy.  Graffiti in bright colors also announces a call to action at the main interior entrance.  Finally, a superhero theme adds a touch of playfulness and humor.






“Christie’s work helped transform the look and feel of the space from a warehouse into a gym with its own unique identity.  We are serious about fitness, health and self-improvement by challenging ourselves mentally and physically.  The art adds a personal touch.”

-Neil Chandler, owner